Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Next New Thing

The next new thing that I want to create for baseball is some sort of nano device can be placed onto baseball equipment in order to track the process during a game. For example, in baseball if this nano device was implement onto baseball bats, you'll be able to get track your performance such as how fast are you swinging the bat, how hard did you make contact with the ball and many more batting tendencies. Likewise, this technological device can be place onto your glove to help track how fast the ball is coming at you, it can help understand of how are you catching the baseball in different locations on the glove and other fielding analysis. This device would be useful for all baseball players that can help improve their skills on or off the field.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Our Class Wiki - So Far

     So far I've been only doing research to help make our Wiki page better. I've noticed that the "Sports" section is relatively empty and requires more effort into it. I've decided to to include Major League Baseball into the mix. I am a huge baseball fan and admire the sport so dearly. I will demonstrate how MLB are closely involve of new media. MLB has implemented a platform called MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) in which is a full service provider of delivering cutting edge digital expericanes of distributing content through all forms of media. It has one of the worl'd best dynamic functionality for web or mobile applications in the sports industry. It allows online users to be connect there devices to obtain live and on demand baseball multimedia. Likewise, MLB have been evolving their online community sch as interacting with their fan base through blogs. I would love to add more features to the Health/Fitness section. I believe many people should be aware of various apps that allows people to exercise or to remain fit and monitor their health lifestyles. Likewise, I would like to contribute to the Web Design section. Being a great web designer, I can show students of different coding scripts that they should become familiar with if the student decides to pursue a career as a Web Developer. I haven't quite decided on the other 2, but I know I'm really passionate of contributing my ideas onto these sections.

P2P File Sharing

What is file sharing? File sharing is the practice or ability to share digital information of various content files from a computer to another over a network or the Internet. It is the private or public distribution of data in a network with different levels of sharing privileges. It can be done in various practices such as file hosting servers installations, removable external hard drives or USB.

 What is P2P File sharing? In the article, Digital Pirates Winning Battle With Studios, by Brain Stelter and Brad Stone, they indicate that many people are downloading illegal copies of various content and sharing them over the Internet without consent from these companies. It's a troubling problem because these groups of individual are in line of copyright infringement. People have swapped illegal copies of various content on the Internet for many years. This technique is refereed to as a "slow download process, often using a peer-to-peer technology called BitTorrent, required patience and a modicum of sophistication by users" (Stelter and Stone, 2009). Nowadays, by using a a search engine, online users can find any free copies of various content at any time. Likewise, I believe they need to implement stronger copyright policies to prevent copyright infringement. They more you enforce the stricter regulation, the less amount of users will try to attempt this unethical practice.

What are some examples of P2P file sharing? An example of P2P file sharing would be a company such as BitTorrent, that allows any file hosting or web hosting that allows information and electronic files that  can be download over the Internet. It allows online uses to download music, movies, videos, software and many more. It can be

Friday, November 11, 2016

Privacy & Confidentiality

Discuss how the issues of privacy and confidentiality are related to new media.

As we continue to share more information with other online users, the presence of privacy issues and confidentiality lurks in the shadows of the Interment. Social media sites are used for online users to obtain or share content with friends and family members. But, we fail to understand that everything we post on those sites are being recorded or monitored and being stored onto their databases. Ready to be sold to third party advertising organization for marketing purposes. In the article, The Wild West of Privacy, by Joe Nocera, he explains that many companies are using the sort of practices to generate information from online users to help the marketing industry. Online users have no idea that these companies are engaging in this business practice without your consent. The biggest security threat is that if these social media sites have your personal information, cybercriminals can exploit their security network and steal your information. Huge data breaches can occur if their security infrastructure are not adequately secured to mitigate any security threats. It's important for strict policies to be in place to prevent and vulnerable threats from unauthorized individuals from accessing highly vital information. People should be informed about what these companies are doing with your information and demand to be notified at once. Furthermore, to continue to remain safe online, sites social media need to address their system infrastructure to prevent any leakage of sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

Advice to Baruch College

What are some suggestions you would make using new media?

1. I would love to put a professor teacher evaluation system at Baruch College, to allow students to rate their professors according to their performance. Over the past several semesters, I've noticed that student on "" are not rating of these professors correctly. Many students are not telling the truth about the way professors are not teach. Based on my opinion, there are some lousy professors teaching here on this campus. On some occasions, I needed to withdraw from some of these courses. Students need to be more truthful about their evaluation with some of these professors because it's the only way you can learn from someone who is passionate a about their field of study and not just simply reading from a PowerPoint.

My new teacher evaluation system will have the following criteria:

a.  Passionate
b. Clarity
c. Understandable 
d. Rating (1-10) 
d. Difficulty
e. Participation
f. Additional Comments

2. Another suggestion that I would like to see happen is for professor to engage their students through the Discussion section on Blackboard. I've noticed that many of these professor lacks the enthusiasm of providing help for students or tacking their progress throughout the semester. In this case, the professor can tell the students if he or she will need to withdraw from the course. Likewise, professors can use it for a learning tool for students to ask questions.

 3. I would suggest that Baruch should have more online classes and be taught their Skype. It would be a cool experience of interacting with your professors and others. I would help students who have trouble of traveling to this college. It will also help students to become more connected to their professor such as having a conversation about a particular subject that the student didn't clearly understand.

4. I would love to scrap the entire Connect system because it !!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Creativity and New Media

This this is my gamer account on Xbox Live. If you own an Xbox console, your welcome to kindly send me a friend request. My gamertag is shown throughout the pictures. I took several pictures from my phone to show my fellow classmates, the capability of creating an avatar or profile to your own preference. Xbox Live gives the ability to work on my designer techniques to make my avatar to look like a billionaire. I tend to be a fashion guru such as wearing name brand clothing or accessories and I want to show it off through my avatar.

In the first picture, it displays all the different functions that I can do to my own avatar.
I'm allowed to create my avatar to my preference. Xbox Live gives the ability to work on my designer

In the second and third, it shows that I'm able to change his appearance such as skin, color, hairstyles, eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chins and many more.

In the fourth  and fifth picture, demonstrates that i can change his styles, such as changing his headgear, shirts, pants, shoes, dress outfits, earrings, wrist-wear, rings, glasses and many more.


Discuss how new media fosters creativity?

It's pretty easy for new media to foster creativity just based in the generation we live now. Everyone is out looking for the next biggest or hottest trend in social media. For an example, we have the technology to basically edit any type of videos and design it to our preference. In the article, Disney Tolerates a Rap parody of It's Critter. But Why?, by Brooks Barnes, she illustrates how we can create mash videos from our content and develop the next hottest trend. The technology is there for access to all individual to do what ever they want. Some individuals would prefer to work on new projects such as edit snippets of mash up music videos or animated movies and incorporate their favorite cartoons into it. At the end of the project it results to cartoon actually doing the signing or dancing part. This allows the users to become creative with their idea and probably leading to the next big thing for viewers to share the content across the globe. It creates a new culture for online users to become comedians or just do it to get laughs. Nowadays, YouTube is covered with these type of mash-ups content, and it's a constant reminder that anyone can do it and you just need to put your mind to it.